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Our passion is specialty grade coffee roasted in small batches for the purpose of sparking conversation in our communities. As specialty coffee innovators, we aim to creatively represent the offerings we select with passion, respect, and appreciation.

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Our Vision

“Let’s get a cup of coffee and talk about it.”

My dad said this for as long as I can remember. His love of people and his love of coffee started around a faded yellow table at my grandparents’. The memories of this are the foundation of Hos, and that is why coffee, conversation, and community are three things we value in everything we do.

We believe coffee can lead you to invite someone to the table and begin a conversation. Let’s build community together — one cup, one bag, one conversation at a time — to impact the incredible gift of life that we’ve been given.

— Chris Hostetler
Owner, Hos Roasting Co.

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Our wholesale partners are people, businesses, and organizations who desire to serve more than just coffee to their communities. From finding you the right equipment or offering training, Hos Roasting Co. will support you each step of the way.

So, let’s get the conversation started!

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