About Us

Learn about our mission—from coffee to conversation to community—which starts with the perfect specialty roast.

Our Story

How We Began

Hos Roasting Co. is a family owned business, but we can’t explain our vision of a roastery without first going back to our coffee shop. The dream of opening a coffee shop started years before Hos Coffee’s first location in Madison, Indiana, which opened in 2019. Our second shop in Carrollton, Kentucky followed only two years later in 2021. With these shops, we wanted to create a place in our local areas where coffee, conversation, and community could come together. These values, which shape Hos Coffee, also overflow into Hos Roasting Co.

As we grew in our experience with coffee, we began to dream of expanding into a small batch specialty roastery company. Being able to see this dream come to fruition has been an incredible experience that we are looking forward to sharing with you.

Our vision

Coffee. Conversation. Community.

“Let’s get a cup of coffee and talk about it.”
— E. H.

Chris’s dad, Earl Hostetler, said this for as long as he can remember. Earl’s love of people and his love of coffee started around a faded yellow table at Chris’s grandparents’. The memories of this are the foundation of Hos, and that is why coffee, conversation, and community are three things we value in everything we do.


The highest grade of coffee leads to the best cup. We hold fast to our belief that coffee brings people together, and we want the common ground it makes to be one of quality. That’s why our coffee is a specialty grade, creating a difference you can taste.


But it doesn’t just end when the coffee is finished or the cup empties; it’s just the starting point for how we live life beyond the table we sit at together, giving a chance to share our biggest moments, whether good or bad, together.


We’ve always strived to create an atmosphere that would foster community, and, at least for us, that usually happens with a cup of coffee in hand. That’s why we care about hospitality in our shops and in your own home as you take our coffee with you.

We believe our coffee can be the starting point of this process in your home, leading you to invite someone to the table and begin the conversation. Let’s build community together—one cup, one bag, one conversation at a time—to impact the incredible gift of life that we have been given in whatever community we find ourselves in.

Who we are

Meet Our Team

Kaleb Malcom
Chief Coffee Genius  |  Head Roaster  |  Sales Rep

I’ve been a specialty coffee enthusiast since 2013, and I have locked arms with Hos Roasting Co. as head roaster with the personal goal of raising the bar in our communities with innovative, specialty coffee. Coffee as an art, requires dexterity, craft, and passion. I aim for a balance of both respect and imagination with what specialty coffee can be through precision and a little bit of an avant-garde mindset.

Trayton Hostetler
owner  |  General Manager

Although I have many roles, at Hos one of my favorites is being involved in operations, not because I get to learn and execute different tasks, but because of the people I get to meet during the process. I love being a part of and watching people grow to do things they didn’t think they could. Our team truly is one of a kind! Some of my hobbies are late night ice cream runs with my wife and golfing with buddies. If you’re ever in our shops, look for the guy with a hat and a handsome smile.

Tricia Hostetler
owner  |  lead design   |  Creative Director

I love bringing out the beauty in things, whether it be rooms, environments, people, or products. Creating and decorating has been something I’ve loved since childhood, and this passion has flowed into my roles at Hos, from designing spaces to the look of a coffee bag. I’m obsessed with the color green and funny birds. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, shopping, and watching a good movie. 

Chris Hostetler
Owner  |  Visionary

I spend a lot of time making sure we have the right person in the right spot so everyone thrives. I love great coffee and conversation, and try to make Hos a place where you can find both. One of my favorite things about my role is getting to meet and converse with everyone that comes in. I don’t always enjoy sitting in meetings, but I do find myself in several a week. I love investing in people, dinners with my wife, hanging out with family and watching my kids grow up into adults.