Colombia Huila El Cielo [Retail]


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Weight .75 lbs

10 oz


Whole Bean


Huila El Ceilo


1450 masl





Tasting notes

pomegranate, elderberry, dark chocolate, winey

Our Huila El Cielo is one of our proudest offerings! The Huila region of Colombia is renowned for some of the country's most incredibly diverse coffees. It is a sub-tropical region with various microclimates and elevations that contribute to the various expressions of what we love about Colombian coffee.

The region is also full of exceptionally knowledgeable farmers; among whom is Angelo Sosa and his 10 hectare farm - El Cielo. This particular offering is of the Tabi variety, a skillfully blended cultivar consisting of bourbon, typica, and timor varieties.

This coffee is a natural process, but to ensure peak sugar development, the hand picked coffee cherries are fermented in tanks for 24 hours then sun dried on raised screens for 7-16 days. If that wasn't arduous enough, the climate is excessively humid year round (causing much difficulty), so Angelo Sosa and his team keep close tabs on harvest management through much initiative and good, old fashioned taste testing.

Consistent with this natural/partial fermentation process, this coffee is vibrant, sweet, and a little boozy! Notes of blueberry, elderberry, dark chocolate, and wine are sure to satiate the desire for complexity.

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