Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Halo Bariti [Retail]


This sparkling bright offering represents everything we love about Ethiopia: brightness, sweetness, and whole lotta fruit! Notes of strawberry jam, berries, and chamomile tea.
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10 oz


Whole Bean


Yirgacheffe Halo Bariti, Halo Bariti Kabele, Gedeb Woreda, Gedeo Zone, Southern Nation


1980-2200 masl



Tasting notes

strawberry, jam, berries, chamomile


Wolisho, Dega, 74110 & 74158 (regional cultivars)

Ethiopia is birthplace of arabica, and countless other complexities in coffee!

This provisional offering comes from the district of Gedeb, which takes up the south-eastern corner of Ethiopia’s Gedeo Zone—a narrow section of plateau dense with savvy farmers whose coffee is known as “Yirgacheffe”, after the zone’s most famous district. Gedeb, however, is a terroir, history, and community all its own that merits unique designation in our eyes. Coffees from this community, much closer to Guji Zone than the rest of Yirgacheffe, are often the most explosive cup profiles we see from anywhere in Ethiopia. Naturals tend to have perfume-like volatiles, and fully washed lots are often sparklingly clean and fruit candy-like in structure.

This naturally processed coffee does indeed sparkle with notes of strawberry jam, berries, and chamomile tea.

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