Rwanda Mahembe Murundo [Retail]


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10 oz


Whole Bean


Mahembe Sector, Nyamasheke District, Western Province


1700-1800 masl



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From the micro-region of Mahembe (on the western side of Murundo) in Rwanda, we have a coffee that, once again, shows us one of our favorite thing about coffee farming: community. This coffee that has been sourced from what is called a “People Farm” is the product of 400 producers within this micro-region that have been organized around the Murundo Washing Station. These producers, some of them growing in their own backyards, have been centrally processed through the Kivubelt company - established by Furaha Umwizeye back in 2011.

This coffee is incredibly complex for a washed process due to the quality standards that all of these share-holder farmers have inculcated within the culture of their community. It is quite an accomplishment to have these many producers grow something with such consistency and the absence of defects.

Interestingly, this Hos Reserve Offering is a symbol of the seasonal in-between that we experience here in southern Indiana: already spring, but not yet; feelings of resurrection, but more to come; colors emerging, but more vibrance awaiting. This coffee has a body to it that’s strong enough to represent the bitter winter, but enough vibrancy and fruit complexity to elude to the blossoming rebirth that we see every year around spring (and, appropriately, the Easter season). We hope that you enjoy this coffee as much as we have, and that it serves as a symbol of hope as well!

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